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  • The wide, straight circumferential grooves provide excellent drainage and anti-hydroplaning;
  • Dual semi-center rib assist in directional driving stability at high speeds, giving excellent steering response;
  • High-angle floor blocks extend the contact patch and promote aggressive bite edges for maximum grip;
  • Variable pitch line design is optimized to ensure low noise and smooth running.


  • Three wide grooves and asymmetrical floor design improves performance on wet pavement and resists hydroplaning;
  • High stiffness center rib improves handling performance, providing stability while driving at high speed;
  • Increased stiffness and pressure distribution in the shoulder block, provide maximum grip during high-speed corners;
  • Slot designed for optimum hydraulic performance, from the rib contact surface to the main groove of the inner zone.


  • Three wide zigzag grooves evacuate water and resist hydroplaning;
  • Sipes with total “S” depth improve heat dissipation and braking;
  • Large contact surface provides exceptional stability and resists wear irregular;
  • Wide shoulder block rigidity design, provides excellent wet traction curves.


  • Three wide, straight grooves provide excellent drainage of water and hydroplaning;
  • Two continuous center ribs with an ideal block distribution, help directional driving stability;
  • Increased stiffness of the shoulder block minimizes uneven line wear to increase mileage;
  • “J” -shaped covers provide comfortable, low-noise driving while absorbing road vibration.

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